Responsible space tourism module

Course Instructors:
Annette Toivonen: LinkedIn
Darren Trofimczuk:
Haaga-Helia Module Code: TOU3PO302

This module introduces an emerging phenomenon in the tourism industry – future space tourism and is based on Haaga-Helia Porvoo Campus as an advanced module.

The course is divided into six units, with the first half going through the status of the current industry in terms of technical aspects, followed by the ethical concerns and company responsibility factors and then moving on to explore issues related to economic sustainability in space tourism.

The other half will provide aspects related to environmental sustainability, space tourism legislation and, lastly, provides insights for understanding weak signals and future scenario planning in form of sustainability.

At the end of the course, students will have gained an understanding of a new framework research tool used for designing a sustainable future in the tourism industry. The module is conducted virtually.

The contents of the module:

  • Unit 1: An introduction to space tourism (history and current)
  • Unit 2: Social sustainability (Changes in the society and ethical concerns)
  • Unit 3: Economic sustainability (Case study: UK spaceports)
  • Unit 4: Environmental sustainability
  • Unit 5: Legislation
  • Unit 6: Future forecasting (Sustainable Future Planning Framework)

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