Annette Toivonen

The first keynote speaker of the event is going to be Annette Toivonen, who has a global tourism educational and professional background and she is currently finalizing her PhD thesis in space tourism in the University of Lapland, Finland. Annette has been a guest speaker in different conferences and panels regarding future space tourism, published academic articles and written in two forthcoming books on sustainable space tourism. Annette is the co-creator of the Responsible Space Tourism module in Haaga-Helia UAS. Annette is about to publish her own book “Sustainable Space Tourism – An Introduction” (Channel View Publications).

Mikko Dufva

Mikko Dufva is Sitra’s leading foresight specialist. In his work, he examines future trends, the tensions between these trends and mental images connected with the future. In addition, he seeks to identify signals that may be weak now but are nevertheless significant from the point of view of the future. Mikko has extensive experience in foresight studies and a doctorate in Science (Technology) on creation of future knowledge and systemic foresight. Mikko will be one of the event’s keynote speakers.

Pekka Janhunen

Pekka Janhunen (Research Manager in Finnish Meteorological Institute) is a space plasma physicist. Dr. Janhunen is also a space inventor, having invented the principle of electric solar wind sail for interplanetary propulsion, the electrostatic plasma brake for deorbiting LEO satellites for solving the orbital debris problem, and has proposed the use of steam as low-cost and safe lifting gas of balloons to lift rockets to the stratosphere for lower-cost satellite launches. Pekka Janhunen will be a part of the panel discussion.

Maija Lönnqvist

Maija Lönnqvist is a chief specialist on space policy in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, heading Ministry’s space team, the Finnish Space Office. She is also the head secretary of the Finnish Space Committee. Implementation of the national space strategy, developing the future space policy and participation in European space collaboration are topics on her desk.  She has a legal background, being one of the writers of the national legislation on space activities. Maija Lönnqvist will participate in the panel discussion.

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